A race to the bottom: why courier companies need to deliver higher standards to their customers.

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A juggling act . . .

The courier industry can be likened to a juggling act, so many balls in the air at any one time. Each ball being a different part of the chain that makes a delivery happen: the software you use, your orders, your drivers, your customer service etc. The list is endless. Drop just one and the whole lot comes tumbling down.

As an interested and very involved third party, there is an obvious way to successfully keep all those balls in the air. And that’s to offer the very highest standards for your customers from beginning to end, starting with the software you use - even if that means charging slightly more.

Royal Mail in disguise . . .

These days, many new courier companies are trying to compete with Royal Mail on pricing. It’s a race to the bottom, when it should be a long haul to the very top. We see jobs where the margins are so very low you have to wonder if it’s worth it?

It’s a numbers game with little concern for customer service. Just like Royal Mail Tracked or B2C home deliveries, the client ends up doing the legwork. Customers want their deliveries to turn up on time and unbroken, not stranded in no man’s land – and most would rather pay a little extra to make sure of that.

Aim high with AIMS . . .

With a premium software product you get 360˚ visibility and you’ll be alerted as soon as anything has gone awry. AIMS builds your workflow into it and gives you the big picture. You can see absolutely everything that’s going on, from the moment an order is placed, to the minute it’s delivered. 

If there are delays, you can see immediately. You can drill down into the details of each consignment - who’s done what, where a parcel is, any late deliveries, bad weather, sick lorry drivers etc. This visibility means you can keep your customers informed, and happier.

Price wars . . .

Logistics companies are in a price war – who isn’t? But the new ‘cost effective’ web-based software systems out there don’t give you any visibility or monitoring. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. 

Our most successful clients are proactive in monitoring every detail and take pride in the customer service they offer. It’s no coincidence that they’re the ones that invest in their software systems and manage a successful juggling act every single day.