Pick Pack Image BLOG

 When I set up Courier Software 13 years ago, a client told me that he didn’t just have a need for traditional logistics software, but that he also wanted to offer his clients storage solutions. It showed me that there was a gap in the market for software that allows courier companies to break into third party logistics, and it was like a call to action. Initially I thought that type of software would take me just six months to build. In fact, it took three years of hard graft. But I’m glad I listened to the demand that was out there, and created my AIMS Pick + Pack system, that I believe breaks new ground.

Put simply, AIMS Pick + Pack software gives you the power to manage a warehouse precisely and efficiently – something that’s vital if you’re thinking of incorporating 3PL into your existing courier services. It keeps a record of all product movement and gives your customers a large degree of autonomy too. They can personally choose what they want to move and to where. It’s like an online shopping cart experience that’s highly efficient. It also provides a precise online stock system.

So, with AIMS Pick + Pack, logistical life couldn’t be simpler. Take The Diamond Group, a longstanding and trusted client of mine. Lee Power, its Director, says the software has cut down a lot of legwork for his team, and therefore costs. He says his company used to be a spreadsheet operation, but with my software everything is “automated and incredibly streamline”. And he appreciates that I can often update the software to adapt to his clients’ ever-evolving needs. In his words: “We don’t feel like a number. Jonathan is very quick to react, approachable and flexible”.

So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge into 3PL and upselling to your existing client base, you can now be confident that the right software is out there to back you up as you also break new ground.