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Presentation is everything: if you go on a date, you want to dress to impress. It’s the same when it comes to courier companies wooing and holding on to clients.

OK, I admit, courier software may not be quite as glamourous as going on a date. But, similar principles apply when my clients use my software to attract and keep hold of customers.

In our modern world, the way we consume products and services is often based on looks. If you’re a logistics company that wants to win new clients, or impress the ones you already have, you need to look good and reflect their level of professionalism.

And that’s where my specialised website – AIMS Web Comparison - comes into play. By employing your graphic designer, it is easy to make the portal your client uses to order consignments look like an extension of your own website. It’s slick, professional and it makes you and your brand look good.

In the words of one of my clients: “We were able to give our website designers the panel sizes and have the Comparison Website dressed in our corporate identity”

But just like a date, it’s not all about looks. More importantly, it’s easy to get to know and simple for your clients to decipher. When a client books a consignment online, they can instantly see what different options they have to choose from. For example: how much it will cost, how long it will take, and whether there are cheaper alternatives available etc.

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Another client of mine has told me: “Customers like to see the price before they book and AIMS provides this with the new Comparison Website.”

So you see . . . my dating analogy is not that far-fetched, after all. As well as making you look good, the AIMs website services are simple to read, transparent, many-layered and not too expensive!