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The AIMS Driver App can transform the pace your courier company does business. The question is: can you keep up?

Once upon a time, Transport Controllers or Dispatchers at courier companies would call their drivers on the phone to give them ad hoc instructions about deliveries or collections - here, there and everywhere. The drivers would frantically scribble down notes, or try and memorise the details. And there were reams of paperwork to deal with for everyone involved.

Hold on! This wasn’t so long ago at all. This is actually the way some courier companies operate today. It’s mind boggling given the technology that’s out there.

With our AIMS Driver’s App, keeping your drivers informed remotely, whether they’re in Brentford or Brussels, is about as hassle-free as it comes and it turbo charges the efficiency of your business.

The App frees up the controller’s precious time. Detailed information can be delivered instantaneously to the drivers, with push notifications about deliveries or collections. They can move jobs at the click of a button and GPS track their drivers at all times. It even provides a digital paper trail, without the paperwork (e.g. immediate P.O.D.s).

The App comes as part of our AIMS Professional package and importantly you can have as many drivers on the system as you want because there is no per-driver fee. All your driver needs is an Android or Apple smartphone and the downloaded app, and they’re good to go.

AIMS Driver’s App:
•    Unlimited drivers
•    Remotely manage driver’s jobs
•    Manage contract or out-of-area drivers in same way
•    GPS track driver locations
•    Digital paper trail

Our AIMS Driver’s App is proving so popular that it’s reached Nigeria. If they are using it in Lagos, then courier companies in London, Lancashire and Land’s End should also be getting their hands on it.