AIMS Express

AIMS Express is an advanced, but easy to use, system for creating and managing consignments. Your customers have access to the system via a choice of built-in web sites where they can create and track their own jobs.

By configuring each customer's individual service levels it is possible to 'auto-route' the consignments with manifests being automatically created once the driver has confirmed the consignment(s) 'on board'.

Complex Tariff structures are made easy with numerous functions to clone/copy or quickly create new. Service based quotations are available to your customers from the website(s) or more complicated quotations can be generated from the back-end and emailed as richly formatted and branded PDF documents.

Supplier / Agent interfaces are a key feature of AIMS Express. Whilst AIMS has both its own AIMS-to-AIMS and Open, documented, methods of exporting data (either at end-of-day when closing a manifest or on an ad hoc basis), we are working continually with your suppliers / agents to build a library of interfaces which you can easily select and use. These interfaces come with the Professional package and can save you many hours of work and improve on accuracy at busy times of the working day.

The interfaces we have developed to date are DHL, DPD, Interlink, APC, FedEx and Royal Mail.

DHL DTD logo 3 interlink apc fedexroyal mail

Scroll down through the screen shots below to get an overview of this product and hover over each image to zoom in and take a better look. Or CONTACT US NOW to request access to our demo server.

Allocating Collections to Drivers

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This screen shot shows the system in popular ‘Consolidated’ view which allows booked consignments to be easily selected and using a simple ‘right click’ context menu, allocated to your drivers for collection. In order to use the new smart phone Driver App you will need to use the ‘Advanced Workflow’ view with its full Transport screen.

Adding Jobs to manifest

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Once consignments arrive in the ‘Received at Depot’ section they can easily be Auto Routed to your pre-configured Agent or manually added to existing Manifests.

Printing Shipping Documents

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All shipping documents in AIMS can be printed, emailed or saved as pdf files all making use of standard barcode images for ease of scanning. Please note that your logo will be displayed not ‘Air Express’.

Updating Tracking Events

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With automatic POD and Tracking emails configured for your customers, adding ad-hoc tracking events and POD management are made easy in the Customer Services section. The Maintenance section even allows you to specify your own personalised Tracking Event descriptions.

Previewing an Invoice Style

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With over 20 different Invoice Styles and the additional ability to send consignment data in a spread sheet, the invoicing section is designed to make your paperless billing easy, accurate and highly configurable.

Working with Tariffs

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AIMS makes it easy to work with complex tariff structures allowing you to easily copy existing tariffs and quickly edit and change rates.

Customer Booking Web Sites

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Give your customers a choice between a simple Comparison type booking web site or the more complex ‘Advanced Workflow’ web site.