AIMS Web Services

AIMS Web Services are a library of functions that can be used by external systems over the internet so that they can input/output consignment data to and from your AIMS database. AIMS Web Services can be used to link large corporate’s in-house system directly to your database so that your customer doesn’t have to double enter shipment details. In this way both Consignments and Picks can be added directly.

AIMS Web Services can also be used to build AIMS functionality directly into your web site without your customers ever having to use the AIMS template web site that comes with the system.

See the screen shot below for a view of this product and hover over the image to zoom in and take a better look. Or CONTACT US NOW to request access to our demo server.

Online Help for Developers

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Our library of web service methods is growing all of the time and the documentation is kept on a web site for your developers to view.